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Winter Classic Tournament

Date Launched

February 2020

Project Type

Video Production & Photography

The annual Winter Classic flag football tournament takes place between some of the most competitive college Filipino-American student organizations in Virginia. This calls for energetic and motivating promotional content – especially on behalf of my own former organization and alma mater, the Filipino-American Student Association at Virginia Tech.

The Objective

Every great sports team needs to be backed up by striking content and upbeat visuals to excite the game at hand. Even at a student organization level, the objective was to create promotional media that felt like we were playing in the Super Bowl. Approaching this project, I wanted to make sure that the essence of the team I was creating content for – was properly represented in the final product. As a former wide receiver for this team, I had first hand knowledge and experience as to how we play the game; our pace, our intensity, our attitude and camaraderie. Those experiences were translated into the planning process and are ultimately reflected in what was shot.

The Product

Working closely with the team captains and a small team of creative talents, I directed, shot, and edited a promotional 'hype' film and conducted player headshots over a three-week production. Consideration was taken into portraying this team with the great intensity and intimidation they perform with both in practices and in games. Perhaps the most important choices made in directing the film included choreographing player movements and embracing a cold nighttime setting for visual interest. This project holds a lasting excitement as a month after its release, we went on to win the 2020 tournament.

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