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The White Lady

Date Launched

October 2019

Project Type

Horror Short Film

Think you're driving alone? You may be carrying an unwelcome passenger in the back seat. In October 2019 I co-directed and edited a short horror film about the Filipino myth, the White Lady.

The Objective

I'm a big fan of the horror film genre. It taps into a primal and evocative fearfulness we almost enjoy anticipating. I've always wanted to create a horror short, and got the opportunity to do so in October of 2019 with the help of eager friends and a guaranteed film showcase with the Filipino-American Student Association at Virginia Tech. Naturally, my co-director and I turned to Filipino myths to inspire our antagonizing force. Through research, we settled on the White Lady––a ghost-like figure that appears in the back seat of those driving alone; making her grand appearance once the driver looks into the rear-view mirror. With a handful of assistance and volunteer cast members, we began script-writing and planning.

The Product

After a long night of shooting and plenty of scares of our own, we were thrilled with the short film, The White Lady, and even more excited to showcase it at a local Halloween event. In the end, it's a fun project to look back on and wonder––is there anyone in my back seat?

Co-Director: Bryant Nguyen

Main actress: Jasmin Atienza

The White Lady: Maggie Luo

Supporting actress: Hannah De Guzman

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