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Street Captures

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A skill building tool, a new way to explore life, and a great way to meet interesting people. This is why I enjoy street photography.

The Objective

Ordinary life can be monumentous. Street photography has been a valuable tool in training my eye for compositions and identifying areas of visual interest. In this form of creation, I've also found a sense incredible freedom. To walk about aimlessly and take time out of a day to explore and pay close attention to your surroundings. You notice minute differences from how life is usually experienced—always with an objective. Especially in Northern Virginia, where life is fast-paced scramble, street photography is ever more appreciated.

The Product

Among many things I enjoy capturing, I've found great interest in portraits of people working or playing—especially with their hands. The stillness of someone concentrating on performing an action, fixated on the task at hand, is fascinating to me. In some instances, I'll stop and spark conversation with those I photograph. I recall one of my favorite conversations with a glass harp musician, Jamey Turner (pictured below). He mentioned how he loved the sound of the harp since he was six, and has pursued the passion ever since. Experiencing the world in a different way and meeting new people along the way is why I enjoy street photography so much.

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