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Music Films

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Video Production

Music impacts us in one way or another. Being able to extend that impact to a visual experience is a form of videography that's always an intriguing and welcomed challenge.

The Objective

The objective of every music film is the same across the board: to enhance the experience of the music with moving image. To accomplish this, however, the process requires a unique and dedicated amount of attention that's difficult to compare. It's inherently a collaboration between two artists; an extension of each artists' touch. In my planning process to achieve the objective, it's my goal to understand the musician and the music they're presenting. How did they come to write/perform it? What are their feelings toward it? How do they envision it? The more I'm able to understand about the artist, the better I'm able to hone my creative process and introduce different levels of flavor. I love music and have performance experience myself; through music film production, I've been able to continue to grow that passion.

The Product

The forgiving aspect of music filmmaking is that the bounds are often wide and open-minded; creative freedom is always there. In the following films showcased, the diversity of sounds and genres is reflected in the visual routes executed.

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