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Photography & Videography

Nothing is more important than family to me. Occasionally, I like to document moments we share together––especially the younger generation as they quickly grow up. From family meals to kids just playing, these ordinary interactions mean so much more when we take a second to look back and reflect on them.

The Objective

Family photo albums, DV tapes, polaroids––these were all too common forms of media present in my childhood. Documenting small life moments and those closest to me was a way for me to practice my craft without consequence at first. I used to bring my camera to every family gathering to capture and review the occasion later. However, the unexpected consequence arose that I was never actually present and enjoying the moments as they happened. While I was getting a couple of good photos, I'd missed out on the actual family time. I've since learned to (more than often) leave my camera at home and enjoy our get togethers––not from a viewfinder. Presently, the objective is to establish a balance of passions and obtain this content in moderation.

The Product

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