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Fitness with BigBodThads

Date Launched

August 2019

Project Type


Strive for greatness in work, skills, relationships, and most importantly––health. Brooke is no stranger to that fundamental and wanted to showcase one of her favorite workout routines. In the DC Metro Area, it's not hard to find spots of visual interest. Watch out for planes.

The Objective

The objective of this project was to create engaging branding visuals for the client (BigBodThads). To accomplish this, two things were required: an intriguing setting and a set of dynamic movements. The location and time of day was chosen to highlight the body form and evoke both an inviting and determined atmosphere in the final product.

The Product

Shooting through the span of a full workout, we approached the gold of the sun setting. Just as anticipated, this allowed me to capture more dramatic shots and add another layer of visual interest. At our shoot location, DC's Gravelly Point Park, the draw is commercial planes flying right overhead to the nearby Reagan National Airport. While it wasn't the focus of the shoot, I made it a goal to capture the unique shot. That image, and many others from the shoot, were then shared by StayArlington.

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